MS 150 City to Shore: Day 2

After a wonderful evening in Ocean City, New Jersey, spent eating pizza and hanging out on the boardwalk. Thanks, OC. Then a very restful night and it was back on the bike this morning.

82 miles back to the start line and we did it in record time. We started slightly late and finished faster than we normally do. This was helped by the fact that we had no weak links in the team this year and were able to power through most of the day at around 19 mph. The average for the ride was 18 mph which included nursing one of the team in for the last two legs.

All good fun.

My iPhone 6 worked out really well and the battery lasted amazingly for the ride. I use Mapmyrun connected to my bluetooth sensor on the bike, plus GPS for location and the phone was only at 70% by the end of the ride 5.5 hours later. Excellent. The pictures it takes are also really good.

IMG_3849.JPGThis was taken in pre-dawn light and with a lot of movement.


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