5:30 Shadow

This morning I was running by the light of the Hunter’s Moon. It was like daylight out there and I had a 5:30 am shadow as I ran down the road. Wonderful!

I ran six and a half miles but I’ve no idea of the time because the mapmyrun app crashed as I started to run and I didn’t realise until I got to the end. I should have guessed when it said “Begin worko…” And cut off suddenly mid-sentence. Ah, well.

Yesterday I did a five mile rolling hills walk around Valley Forge National Historical Park with my friend who is doing the weight loss programme. While this is a shorter distance than we walked last week it was much hillier and solid terain. Hills are a challenge for larger people and his heart rate monitor put him in the red zone every time we started up a hill. By the end of it he was exhausted and I think that is the point of exercise. I hope he recovers well today.

IMG_3894.JPGHere’s a picture of the Hunter’s Moon last night. It was cloudy then but completely clear this morning.


2 thoughts on “5:30 Shadow

  1. WalkToRio

    Last week all my running apps kept crashing, I hate it when it happens. But then I think of the time (2 years) when I didn’t use them and I was fine.
    The pic is great, I gotta get that new iPhone lol


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