Wordle Word Cloud

Every so often it is a good idea to take a look back at what you’ve written. In these modern times there are easier ways to do this.

The site wordle is a perfect example. Go there and point it at your blog and it will generate a word cloud to show you the topics you’ve been discussing over the years.

Here’s mine:


It is interesting. Running and MapMyRun come up in big letters which is no surprise. Shoes and pace also come up quite large and I wasn’t aware that I spoke that often about shoes. GPS and distance are also quite large.

Any way, it is an interesting thing to take a look at if you have a spare moment or two.

If, like me, you are currently looking for work you can use this to analyse your résumé and could even compare the cloud with those generated by a set of, say, ten ideal jobs from various websites. This would give you a clue as to how well your résumé matches the job listings.

Have fun out there.


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