Walk a Little. Run a Little.

Yesterday I walked with my friend on the Betzwood River Trail at Valley Forge Park. It is a great trail that provides good tree cover and is almost completely flat. The cover was particularly good because it poured down on us.

We knew it was coming. The storm had been forecast for days but still we went out. I’m trying to gradually lure him into the madness of a runner’s mindset.

It was a great walk and it was fast. In fact, it was 15 mins faster than when we did it two weeks ago. To get that much faster is impressive. I think he is coming along just fine. The warm embrace of crazy awaits him.

We only saw one other person out on the trail and normally it is busy regardless of time or weather so that gives an indication as to how much rain there was.

Soon we will have to introduce some running intervals as we completed 6.2 miles in 1 hour 49 mins. We were absolutely drenched but smiling from ear to ear. Awesome.

Today my legs would not budge. Whether it was because of tiredness or from the long walk yesterday, I don’t know. All I can say is my quads and glutes were not willing to engage properly so I crawled along at a sedentary pace. However, I did the run and I enjoyed it despite a slight sore throat. 6.6 miles at 8:27 pace won’t bust any records but I will cut myself some slack because I have to allow for three road crossings that were very slow due to traffic; it was busy out there today due to trees down from the rain.


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