Running Backwards

First, let me say “No, not literally backwards!”, as that would be plain silly and a bit dangerous on the roads.

One good way to change up your standard runs is to simply reverse the route. What seems like a nice comfortable route going one direction may turn out to be rather challenging when you run it the other way. That nice long gentle downhill becomes a long hard slog uphill. The lines of oncoming traffic become a slight noise on the other side of the road.

Today I ran one of my usual routes backwards and it was refreshing. I noticed some houses that I hadn’t seen before and some little side streets that in sure must lead somewhere interesting (I’ll investigate on another occasion).

It is really surprising just how different a route feels when you go the other way. So, keep this trick in your bag to avoid getting repetition blues.

8.3 miles at 8:07 pace wasn’t blisteringly fast but was a solid ‘short’ run. I wasn’t supposed to go that far but was enjoying myself too much.

Today was the first time since being made redundant when I feel really happy and at peace. We received notification that my son’s adoption was finalised yesterday evening and that really brightened my week up. Life is good.



2 thoughts on “Running Backwards

  1. WalkToRio

    Glad the process is over!
    I can’t even imagine how happy you are now.
    Whenever I take Doggy and start the opposite way we usually start, he keeps pulling me on the usual direction.


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