Walk. Lost. Found. Stumble. Relax.

Yesterday I took my friend for another long (6.3 mile) walk along my favourite trail; the Perkiomen River Trail. And, for the first time in a long while, I was able to take pictures while I was there.

IMG_3923.JPGAs you can see, the trail is resplendent in fall colours. It was a delight to walk this trail even though it was drizzling throughout the walk. In fact, that sort of added to the ambience. I had only just managed to dry my shoes from the previous weeks walk. It was nice to do the trail at a more leisurely pace and take in the sights.

Today it was raining again. Does that stop us runners? Nope. I grabbed a rain jacket and went out regardless. At about the one and a quarter mark I noticed that my rear blinky was missing. (Dah dun dah!). So, I quickly turned around and dashed back over the hill fearing it may be intercepted by a school kid or another runner (as if there were any others out!). I had a feeling I knew where it went to as I had to duck under a branch and twist slightly earlier on. Sure enough the light was sitting on a pile of leaves blinking happily to itself. Blackburn survives another near-death experience.

After clipping the light onto the back of my hat (rather than on the loose pocket of my rain jacket), I turned around and resumed my run back up over the hill. As I created the next hill, I was dazzled by an oncoming bus and misjudged my foot position. This caused me to stumble a little as my foot twisted on the edge of the sidewalk. Luckily I have strong ankles and recovered without falling in a heap.

After another couple of miles the rain stopped and I got too hot. Running with a loose jacket is very annoying but it has cool reflective sleeves (IllumiNite) that make me very visible on the roads so I wasn’t going to take it off and put it around my waist.

Not a fast run but an enjoyable one. 5.46 miles at 8:04 pace.


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