Any Way the Wind Blows

Oh. My. Goodness. It was windy on the trail today.

Early on (6:00) it was lovely. A crystal clear sky with many stars guiding the way. I always love starting out my rides this way as it makes me feel very connected to the universe. If I pedal fast enough will I see the view spin? No, I think not. But it sometimes feels like that.

After meeting my friend and rolling down to center city Philadelphia we stopped at Sbux for a light breakfast and to catch up on life. It is conversations like these that you miss most when you are made redundant. The social aspects of going to an office are an essential part of my life. I’m hoping to get back to it soon.

The ride home was where the wind became an issue. I had to ride alone and the wind was strong. There was no hiding from it. My normal speed is 18 mph for this journey and I found myself crawling at 12 mph. My gears were set to the ones that I use for uphill climbs!

Even others were feeling it. Tri-althelete cyclists were riding right in behind me rather than doing their normal thing of keeping their distance. When they tried to overtake they’d hit the wall of wind and end up falling back behind me again. Cheeky monkeys! They have aero-bars and aerodynamic bikes so they should be pulling me. Yes, I’m talking to you people with Kona scrawled across your bike shorts. I know you can do it! Share the work and pull the people you hide behind!

I had to make a rest stop on the way to try and help my legs recuperate. A large slice of Red Velvet cake helped power the rest of my ride. Yum.


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