Introducing the Running Interval

After having walked with my friend for the last four weeks at distances up to six miles, we introduced running intervals today. This was a first for my friend and I’m sure that he thought I was trying to kill him, but I wasn’t. Honestly!

We went to Lower Perkiomen Valley Park and headed out towards Phoenixville and the Reynolds Dog Park along the SRT. This is a flat walk on a paved surface and is ideal for this type of workout. We did a ten minute warm up walk and then a thirty second high intensity interval for which we ran. After this we walked for four and a half minutes to cool down, then we repeated it. I configured mapmyrun to give us cues for the interval changeovers and this was very helpful.

As an observation, we were surprised by how long the thirty second intervals felt and how short the four and a half minutes felt for recovery. They seemed to come around very quickly.

After ten interval repeats we decided to stop them as my friend was experiencing some difficulties from his clothing. However, we covered over six miles in one hour forty five minutes which is a big improvement over our normal walking pace. The intervals bring the average for those miles down to around 16 minute miles, whereas normal walking is around 18:30 minute miles. Next week we are planning to do the intervals throughout the whole walk and will target the Perkiomen trail again as we both enjoyed that.

This was a major milestone and I look forward to doing more of these intervals and start to shift the balance for run/walk as long as my friend can keep with it. We are monitoring for foot and knee issues and taking it all very gently.

The trail was beautiful today and I watched enviously as a group of cyclists glided effortlessly past us.


One thought on “Introducing the Running Interval

  1. indianaxc

    On our high school team we do workouts called Farkleks I know it sounds funny, but what it is 1 minute super hard and fast, then 1 minute slow jog rest. We do this fast/hard and the slow jog many times up to 50 minutes. So I know where you are coming from saying how long those 30 seconds are.


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