Take Off Your Hat

Today I wanted to get a longer run in so I moved my lazy butt out of bed super early and hit the streets.

At 5:30 this morning it was pitch dark and 80% humidity so it was like running through a Halloween movie. As cars approached I felt like I was in a scene from ET.

I was slow to start up and get my legs moving and the first few uphills were not very impressive.

A few times it was so dark that I lost sight of the edge of the road. This was because I was trying to run without my light when no cars were around and most of the roads I was on had no curbs. Without that delineation it was difficult to sense where I was on the surface.

One thing I noticed today that I hadn’t before. When you wear a hat you really miss out on the view of the stars. At several points I just took it off so that I could bask in the wonder of it all. Of course, I put it back on as soon as I heard a car because my hat is super-reflective and part of my safety gear.

My avg pace was just 8:03 over the ten and a quarter miles but the first few were very slow and the last lot were quite fast (one 7:08). Definately a reverse split.

IMG_3948.PNGDon’t forget to look up at the sky when you run in the dark. It is wonderful.


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