Talk About Your Run

Oops. It appears that we had a breakdown in communications today and I went out for a longer run than my wife was expecting. I ended up doing just over eight miles but was going to go further until I received her text. It turns out my wife was waiting for me to get back so she could go and get stuff for our Halloween Party tonight. Whoops.

I thought we were all prepared and she thought I’d only do a short run. Crossed wires.

It reminded me that I didn’t even tell her where I was going to be running. Probably not a good idea from a safety point of view.

I actually went out on my favourite trail with the rain tipping down at a steady rate. It was a little chilly to start with and I soon regretted the wet feet from running through puddles.

Once I’d adjusted to the temperature and the dampness I started to enjoy the run. It took about two miles for me to reach that calm mental state though.

The trail was spectacular with fall colours and the gentle sound of rain upon the leaves. Very few people were out today which was a surprise as it is prime time for preparing for the local Philly marathon.

Mapmyrun emailed me today to tell me my Brooks Beast shoes were at their half-life point. I’m very glad that they have finally fixed all the gear tracking as I used to have to monitor the distances manually.

8.3 miles at 8:27 pace which sounds slow but was skewed by having to stop and retie shoelaces and an emergency pee break mid-run.


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