Perfect Autumn Weather

Eventually I dragged myself out of bed after waking three times and moving the alarm further out on each occurrence. I know, isn’t that odd?

It has been a while since I last ran as we had a BIG Halloween party on Saturday and it has taken me most of the rest of the week to feel human again. It was a late night and the kids were worn out from the previous night’s fun, so they were slow to recover. Thankfully there was plenty of candy on hand to help with the recovery.

Our costumes this year? The kids were dressed as bees and my wife and I as beekeepers. We made a quick video with the theme “Help- I’m covered in bees!” from an old skit by British comedian Eddie Izzard who is one of our favourites. WordPress doesn’t seem to let you post videos though. Boo. So here’s a screenshot of me and Louie B.

IMG_3962.PNGHelp, I’m Covered in Bees!
The week has also been hectic from a job hunting point of view. I have six potential jobs on the go at the same time. I’m trying to get some of them through to offers… Tiring to do all the research for each interview but it’s is always worth doing this properly as I think companies are impressed when you can show that you’ve done some homework on them.

Today it was 51F with light rain and was the perfect fall weather for running. Running with a light t-shirt and shorts. I started out for a four mile route but soon decided that I should go further. I ran an extra four and a half miles so that I could go and investigate the progress of some bridge work that they have been doing locally. This did mean that I ended up with a lot more hills in my run than I would have liked, but it makes you stronger, right?

8.65 miles @ 8:02 pace.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Autumn Weather

  1. WalkToRio

    WordPress only lets you post videos if you pay, I’ve been tempted but then seeing how bad it works I rather not get frustrated (more) and upset when something you’ve paid for doesn’t work.
    I had to google the video, funny thing lol
    Have a nice weekend!


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