Can Walk/Runners Call Themselves Runners?

I’ve been pondering this question for while.

Previously I would have said an outright ‘no’ and not have listened or thought any further about it as I lightly bounced past them on the trail. But since I’ve spent time helping my friend transition to a place where he can now run 30secs and walk 4:30 mins, I have to say my position has changed.

To see the effort put in and the mental push to achieve that running interval, I now truly believe that run/walk does fully qualify as running. And it makes me remember that I too went through that process a long time ago. I had forgotten it, but it is true. I also ran/walked when I started out. I don’t remember how I felt about it at the time but then I didn’t really know any other runners at the time. I had no point of reference to compare to.

It is heartening to me to see this transformation in my friend and to see how he embraces the challenge of the interval sections. And not begrudgingly but willingly. Well, at least for the first 10 or so. Then it becomes even more of a mental battle.

Today we covered 6.5 miles and did 17 intervals of 30 seconds. This is close to double the amount we did last week and is a significant amount of extra effort. How brilliant is that? Each week has seen an improvement and that is amazing to me.

Running has been easy for me for a while as I built up to it slowly over many years. But to help someone else along the path to running is really inspiring. To see how they push themselves further each week and to see how much stronger they become because of it is truly inspiring. At the same time trying to ensure that they don’t push too hard and get injured; it is a delicate balance.

6.5 miles in 1:43:00. As my ‘waze’ app said this morning: awesome-sauce.

We were hit with sun, rain, sleet and hail during the walk but every single change made us smile. Autumn is a good season to be out and about.


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