A Fall PB?

I may be mistaken but I pretty sure that I just ran a personal best for a half-marathon. I’ve not really been tracking it (perhaps I’ll set up a page to record them on) but I have the slight suspicion that I just did a half in about 1:40.

13.66 miles in 1:44:18 with a significant hill (mountain?) in the middle of it. I say mountain as that is how it is described locally; it is where local school kids go for their first ski lessons. It is a gentle and short hill by skiing standards but good enough to learn on. It has a 12% grade slope to run though so it isn’t exactly easy.

The Perkiomen Trail was, once again, perfect today with 40F temps, no wind and no rain. Ideal for a long sleeved shirt, shorts and light gloves. I saw a lot of runners out there who were, no doubt, in the last stages of their prep for the Philly Marathon that happens in a couple of weeks. No bike riders today which was a surprise.

SplitsIMG_3963.PNGI’m pretty happy with my splits for the run. It is obvious where the hills were from the times. I think the profile for the run looks like a spider coming to attack…

IMG_3964.PNGAll it needs is fangs. Perhaps like this?

Spider!IMG_3965.JPGGrr! Yes, my spiders growl.


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