Squeeze in a Quickie

I have an important interview today and I wanted to be prepared well so I needed to get my run in quickly.

As it happens, I know that the people interviewing me are both runners having completed several marathons and halves. Hopefully that will give me some common ground to talk with them as well as our shared interest in the financial markets and technology.

Today’s run was quite fast but was short. 7:19 pace over 3.11 miles. Not too shabby considering it was merely a recovery run after my super-fast half marathon on Sunday.

In other news, yesterday was my birthday and here’s the cool cake my wife and daughter made for me.

Chocolate Robot CakeIMG_3970.JPGThe arms are chocolate covered donut. The main cake is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Nice touch with the binary age!


5 thoughts on “Squeeze in a Quickie

  1. sarahdudek80

    Happy birthday and good luck with the interview. I always like to squeeze in a run before a big event like an interview. It helps me to sort out what I want to say and prepare. Good luck!

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Especially when they are runners too! Good to have some overlap with people. 🙂 running takes a certain type of mentality and I think recognizing that in others may be a good thing.


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