Walking from Misery to Joy

On Wednesday I went for a 7.4 mile walk with my friend. We ditched the running intervals this time because we were pushing the distance further than before and we chose a hilly route around the perimeter of Valley Forge National Historic Park. My favourite part is the valley between Mount Misery and Mount Joy; there is something that appeals to me about saying that I’m walking the precarious path between misery and joy!

The walk involved far more slopes and steps than previous routes so I wasn’t sure how he’d cope with it but he was fine. 7.5 miles @ 17:33 pace. Now we know he can do the distance we will reintroduce intervals.

Today I ran in the cold. The temp dipped down to the mid-thirties and that was a bit of a surprise. I chose to run a slightly different route today and it caught me out because I twisted my ankle badly on a sidewalk that had a fallen stone on it. I moved the stone out of the way but had to hobble for a while until I recovered. After a short time I was able to continue but it did shake me up. The rest of the run was uphill to return home and I think I did a reasonable job of this.

5.5 miles at 7:42 pace. Gloves and ear warmers were happily deployed at the start and removed after two miles.


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