Making the Most of Free Time

For the first time in a while, I actually had a light day of job searching activity today. I already know the rest of he week is going to be crazy so I decided to just embrace it.

And we all know that that means: heading out for a mid-morning run rather than going at 5am!

Unfortunately it was rather wet when I hit the streets and this was immediately followed by an out and out downpour that turned my shoes into boats with broken bilge pumps.

I chose to do a moderate length run of 10.2 miles with some portions of it through the woodland of Evansburg State Park.

Despite the weather it was a lovely run with a lot of challenging hills. Mapmyrun says it was only 680ft of hills but it felt like more. I expect my legs (and body) were still tired from the party we hosted for a friend at the weekend; just getting four hours sleep and having to deal with kiddies is hard work despite the power naps I sneaked in during the afternoon. I was also dragging two lakes up the hill in my shoes…

10.2 miles with a pace of 8:18 was okay given the conditions, and I couldn’t hear my voice coach as I had the phone stashed in a waterproof Baggie in my back zipper pocket.


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