Eight and a Half Miles Walk/Run

Another record for the run/walk I am doing with my friend. We blew through the 8 mile achievement and reach 8.5 miles.

I also upped the intervals so we did 45 seconds of running then 4:25 recovery. I know the numbers are odd but I meant to do 4:15 for the recovery and miscalculated. Doh. We managed 11 of these intervals which is equivalent of 495 seconds of running. Not bad.

My friends knee started to twinge a little at that point so we dialed it back and didn’t do any other intervals.

Oh, and did I mention how bloody cold it is here. No? Well, there you go. Brr. It was 23F when we hit the trail this morning and you have to wrap up more when you are doing a walk than when you are running. Those recovery intervals can get chilly! Snowboarding socks, winter leggings, one underarmour layer, another long sleeve top, plus a wind proof outer shell, winter cycling gloves, neck gaiter, ear warmers and a hat. Quite the image.

IMG_4005.JPGI also did a quick run yesterday of four miles in 25F temps. Uneventful. Not too hilly as I was recovering from the long run I did on Monday.


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