Fast and Warm (Relatively)

After a few cold days some warmth has returned to our area. A balmy 36F when I hit the streets this morning and I also felt fast. As I started down the drive my feet were turning over very quickly.

IMG_4006.PNGAs you can see just below seven miles but some fast splits (for me) with the last couple being sub-7:00. I’ll take it!

At one point on the run a deer started to bolt towards the road because of a dog behind it. Then it saw me on the road and slowed, but I could see a car coming up the road and knew it couldn’t see the deer because of a line of trees. I stepped out to flag the car to slow down and, sure enough, the deer bolted across the road almost immediately. Stupid animal. Hopefully the driver understands why I flagged them to slow.


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