Whine Intervention & Sweat

I missed my run on Saturday due to having attended a friends 50th birthday party the night before and me choosing to drink red wine. I rarely drink wine anymore and now I remember why: what a hangover!

It basically cost me my run on Saturday and I didn’t achieve anything useful at all. What a waste.

On Sunday my wife volunteered with the FastTracks club who man a drink stop on the Philadelphia marathon. She ha d a good time there and then ran the last six miles to support our friend who was running her second marathon in thirty days.

So now it is Monday. It is wet and the temps are back up in the 60s. On the run this morning I actually sweated! It was an odd feeling to suddenly realise this after a few weeks of cold runs. I got a good negative split today though. Perhaps if I warmed up a little my avg times would be much better.

IMG_4014.PNGNote to all fall runners: be careful on the sidewalks because the fallen leaves can conceal branches and stones that may trip you. I hit two of these today within about three meters of each other. One on each foot. Sometimes it may be safer on the edge of the road.


3 thoughts on “Whine Intervention & Sweat

  1. sarahdudek80

    Excellent tip with the leaves. Sometimes they even cover holes in the sidewalks here and I fear rolling my ankle. Although it got so cold here in Chicago that fall running basically disappeared!


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