Right-Hand Rule

I remember learning about the right-hand rule for solving mazes and puzzles when I was younger. Simply take every right turn you come across and you should eventually solve the maze. I decided to employ this on my return run this morning.

I did a straight out three miler through a housing development that I’ve never really explored very much. Then on the way back I took every right turn I found.

Interestingly it added about 1.8 miles to the run distance overall. But perhaps I should have chosen somewhere that was not on the side of a hill. Each turn had me going down and then back up the side of this hill. Doh!

Anyway, it made the run more interesting and I now know of several other places I could run around should I choose. There were some nice views out over the Perkiomen valley too.

7.72 miles at a solid 7:36 average pace. I did a few light stretches beforehand to loosen up a little and I think it helped. Next time I’ll try dynamic stretches as I found those to be more helpful at track workouts.

I have another job interview today at a really interesting company that has a very engaged approach to their employees and the workplace. They even have chefs on staff! Looking forward to lunch. šŸ™‚


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