Walk/Run Your First Turkey Trot

Five kilometres. Until you do this you’ll never know if you can make it. This can seem like an awfully long way if you haven’t done one before.

What about all the other people?
What will they think of me?
Will I be the slowest person there?
I’ve not run in public before; I’ll be ridiculed and pointed at as I’m sure I look different from everyone else out there.
Too many (crazy) people.

These and many other thoughts may pass through your head but you can be sure that, unless you dress up like a turkey, no one will be paying the slightest attention to the way you run or dress (unless you are a celebrity then all bets are off). It is an even playing field and no one is there to judge.

You can also be sure that some people will walk faster than you run/walk it. Others will run it slower than you run/walk it.

As for the crazy people. Yes, there will definitely be some of those there but probably not too many.

The race we attended this year at Wilson Farm Park had somewhere between 800-1000 people, so it was quite large. It has grown significantly over the last few years.

This was the first official 5k for my friend who I’ve been run/walking with for the last few months. Before we set out we talked about the interval strategy. We wanted to start running from the line but then wanted a five minute warm up. Then we switched to a 45 second run with 3:15 recovery. This is much less recovery than we used before but the distance was shorter too. We had done up to eight miles with a longer recovery period on our regular training. We also wanted to hit the finish running so we planned when to start that too.

It is only once you start that you realise that five kilometres is still quite a long way, especially when you change the run/walk patterns. However, we did finish and with a time of 45:43. Being his first that makes it officially his Personal Best! The pace averaged out to 14:04 which is waaaaay faster than our previous run/walks.

IMG_4030.JPGNote my friend runs with a heart monitor (on his wrist) to warn him when he is putting in too much effort. This is very helpful for monitoring his recovery from the running and allows us to ensure we aren’t pushing too hard.

We followed this run with a group breakfast with some of our friends who were also at the event.

What a great way to start a thanksgiving morning. I hope everyone enjoys their feast.

For all non-Americans, have a great Thursday.

If you haven’t seen the Shia LaBeouf song that is making the rounds, then you need to watch it. Immediately. Shia LaBeouf


3 thoughts on “Walk/Run Your First Turkey Trot

  1. Annie at TheLittleGSP.com

    Glad to hear that your friend had a good first 5k and hope to read about many more in the future! Everyone who did a turkey trot, whether they ran, walked, or did run-walk intervals, is still way ahead of all of the people who chose not to start their thanksgiving out with a 5k.

    Also… Shia LaBeouf… a lot of work went into that video!


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