Clear Your Mind

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving with friends and family. We certainly did and I ate far too much, although I think that is the idea!

Today I went out to run a long way. I only did 10.82 but it was enough as I was tired from the late night and crotchety due to my daughter getting under my skin. This run was to be an exorcism.

I started out along the Perkiomen Trail but then spotted a side branch that I’d never used before and darted off that way. It soon took me to a road I didn’t know so I carried on. Eventually I found a road I knew and headed into Skippack town. This is a quaint high street town in the middle of nowhere in PA. I knew that there was a trail somewhere out the other end of the town that would link me back to where I had parked. I got lost at one point and had to pull up google maps to find the trail.

Once I was back on the trail I judged faced some hills and exposed winds. Crikey, it was windy out there.

Anyway I think the wind blew away a lot of my mental issues and I feel a little better now. At least I feel like I can go back home for the next round.

While I am still looking for a job my wife and I are trying to win some tickets to the Philly Pops Christmas Concerts in their caption competition. We usually go each year and love taking our daughter but can’t justify buying them while I am out of work… However, if we could win some then that would be super. Just follow the link and vote for one of the entries marked “Jude”. If you could vote for the “Watch how you conduct yourself, young man” entry then we might be able to win. The current leader only has 28 votes! Please vote for us. PhillyPops Caption Competition

Thanks everyone. Take care. Here’s a picture of my son and I in our matching holiday outfits.



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