Squeeze it in

Sunday may be your long run day but sometimes schedules can get in the way of things. Today was one such instance. My wife needed to do her longer run and then needed to get out to meet friends so this left me with just 25 mins to run.

Did this stop me?

Nope, of course not!

I did a faster and relatively flat route of 3.1 miles at a pace of 7:17 to wrap up my month.

This gives me 94.4 miles for the month and 950.16 for the year to date. This leaves me with just 49.84 miles to make my target of 1000 miles in 2014. I should easily be able to do that.


Here’s something for you foodies. At my friends annual Turducken feast (Turkey with a Duck and a chicken all stuffed together and cooked) there was this monster Cherpumpple cake… Chocolate cake with cherry pie baked in on one layer… Then spiced caked with pumpkin pie baked in on the next layer… Then white cake with apple pie baked in on the top layer… All coated with frosting.


IMG_4047.JPGA thousand miles a year isn’t enough to offset that cake!


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