So. Many. Hills.

I had a little more time available to me today so I headed out on a nine mile run and decided I’d keep it hilly… You know, just for laughs.

Part way through I was wishing that I hadn’t made that decision while climbing another long slog of a hill.

The temperature was perfect today at 49F and I ran in a single shirt and shorts which was enjoyable. I didn’t take any water with me and I ended up regretting this as I was running up (another) long hill directly into the sun; that definitely makes it a lot harder.

MapMyRun says it was only 545ft of climbing over then length of the run but the profile shows that there was very little flat level running.


At some points on the run I was also worried that cars wouldn’t see me as they drove into the sun and I was in their path. They mostly moved in good time but one or two made me flinch a little. I was wearing bright yellow so I should still have stood out against the side of the road.

My shoes reached their half-life today as I received a friendly reminder from mapmyrun.

Tomorrow is yet another round of interviews with a very cool local company. I’m looking forward to it but will meet a lot of the engineering team which is rather daunting. Fingers crossed for a good outcome. They have a lunchtime running group which sounds like fun.

9.1 miles at 7:45 avg pace with all those hills. I’ll take it!


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