16 Miles of Whoop-ass, Unleashed.

What a week. More interviews early in the week and then I started a very short contracting gig with a local company that want some insight into their development team. Also, my wife had to get in her last long run before doing the Galloway Half in Atlanta next weekend. With all that going on I ended up not running Wednesday through Saturday. Oops.

Yesterday afternoon I heard from one of the companies I’d been talking to that I failed the last interview and I was a little disappointed as they were a very cool place to work. I’ll keep my eyes on them!

I, therefore, decided to try and make up for my laziness and stress with a longer run today. Keeping in mind that I usually run a double half marathon on Boxing Day, so I have to get some miles under my belt in preparation for that.

I went to the northern part of the Perkiomen Trail and ran toward Green Lane park. It was beautiful out today. There were many people out with their kids and dogs, quite a few runners, and some cyclists later on.

Spring Mountain was as challenging as ever although I managed to keep my legs turning over quite evenly going up and over this.

By the end my legs felt like lead and I was glad to be back at the car.

16 miles at 7:48 pace is pretty good though. The climbs came to 666ft which I find quite amusing.



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