Daily Archives: December 10, 2014

Recovery Run

After a nice long run like Sunday’s sixteen miler, you have to let yourself recover during the week. So Wednesday is my first run since and I did a short but relatively fast 3.7 miles around the neighbourhood.

It is staggering to me how many people leave their Xmas lights on right through the night. Crazy. Get a timer, people! And on the subject of decorations…

IMG_4066.JPGHere’s one of my favourites from our collection of Xmas decorations: an outhouse purchased on vacation in Jackson Hole. Santa’s got to poop, you know!

The route was a little hilly and there were lots of school kids out waiting for their buses. In some ways I dislike running past these groups as I feel like they may be making snarky comments behind my back… But on the other hand, perhaps they don’t see many people doing exercise and maybe it will inspire them to try or at least see that it isn’t a weird thing to do.

3.7 miles. 7:41 pace.