Dusting of Snow

This weekend my wife will be away running the Galloway 13.1 down in Atlanta, GA, and I’ll be at home with the kiddies. This meant that I had to squeeze in a run this morning while there’s a light layer of snow on the roads.

I always find this type of snow tricky because there’s not enough for your shoes to get grip on and even a slight melt makes it really slippery.

I nearly twisted my ankle at one point when I couldn’t tell the edge of the road due to the snow cover, but fortunately I recovered without falling.

One suggestion for running in the snow: don’t wear white. Wear bright colours that will stand out against the White and grey of the weather especially if you are going to run on the roads!

6.66 (a devil run!) miles at 7:50 pace. I’m pretty happy with that because I had to pause twice to get across the a main road.

Continuing my series of festive photos of our Xmas decorations, here is Portland, Maine Santa on his fishing boat.



2 thoughts on “Dusting of Snow

  1. Chris Adams

    My bike home from work last night was a grueling 2x normal time along unplowed paths. They seem to have cleared them overnight, so this morning was quite a nice ride. My only slip up was, like you misjudging the location of the kerb and sliding off.


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