Building Bridges

I took a quick five mile run today and found my legs were still heavy with yesterday’s exercise.

I chose to run from the Betzwood area in Valley Forge National Historical Park as I was interested in the progress of the building of the new trail bridge, “Sullivan’s Bridge”. It is definitely coming along as they have built a temporary road halfway across the river and have started building out the footings for the supports.

I ran across the old footbridge beside it today and it is a scary, narrow, high wood-beamed affair that is strapped over the side of a road bridge. Traffic is a couple of feet from one side and a wire fence with a fifty foot drop is on the other side. Yikes. I’ll be so happy when this is replaced.

I wanted to try out a mysterious trail that I had seen people ducking down for a few years but had never had a chance to investigate. What a waste of effort! It just went under the road and then faded out at an apartment block. Boo. I know that there are plans afoot to make this into a full trail that will run fifteen miles. That will be good but it won’t be completed until September next year.

It felt good to be out as I need to exorcise some demons after kiddy tantrums the previous evening. All better now.


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