Gentle, Short, Fast Run

I know that the title sounds like a paradox but I’m supposed to be tapering in preparation for two long runs on Boxing Day (26th).

However, when I hit the streets today my legs were rolling really smoothly and quickly. I was later than normal and had done some stretches earlier in the morning. Everything felt well oiled and I was pounding the streets without much of a warm up period.

I was out of breath on the first hill but then heard THE VOICE IN MY PHONE tell me that I was running a 7:30 pace uphill. Hmm, cool. At that point I decided I would run four miles rather than the three I had planned, and I accelerated down the other side of the hill.

The rest of the run passed quickly. It was a little like running in England today as there was a light mist of rain and grey skies. The temperature was a balmy 50F though so I cannot complain!

7:15 pace over four miles. Hardly the relaxing run I had anticipated but a good result nonetheless.


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