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So Close to 1000 Miles

I just checked my distance for the year and I’m at 998.3…just 1.7 miles off my goal of 1000 miles.

The next run should get me past the number. I guess I’ll have to stop running at that point and do a little celebration!

Today I did a quick three miler at a 7:26 pace. I ran in shorts despite it being in the 30s. My butt cheeks got very cold but the run was therapeutic.

My wife managed to complete her 13.1 at the Galloway Half in Atlanta on Sunday. She also went and bought some bits and pieces at his running shop. She also saw some lovely houses and was showing me then on zillo last night. Now I just have to find my sanity from corralling kids all weekend. 😉


Dusting of Snow

This weekend my wife will be away running the Galloway 13.1 down in Atlanta, GA, and I’ll be at home with the kiddies. This meant that I had to squeeze in a run this morning while there’s a light layer of snow on the roads.

I always find this type of snow tricky because there’s not enough for your shoes to get grip on and even a slight melt makes it really slippery.

I nearly twisted my ankle at one point when I couldn’t tell the edge of the road due to the snow cover, but fortunately I recovered without falling.

One suggestion for running in the snow: don’t wear white. Wear bright colours that will stand out against the White and grey of the weather especially if you are going to run on the roads!

6.66 (a devil run!) miles at 7:50 pace. I’m pretty happy with that because I had to pause twice to get across the a main road.

Continuing my series of festive photos of our Xmas decorations, here is Portland, Maine Santa on his fishing boat.


Recovery Run

After a nice long run like Sunday’s sixteen miler, you have to let yourself recover during the week. So Wednesday is my first run since and I did a short but relatively fast 3.7 miles around the neighbourhood.

It is staggering to me how many people leave their Xmas lights on right through the night. Crazy. Get a timer, people! And on the subject of decorations…

IMG_4066.JPGHere’s one of my favourites from our collection of Xmas decorations: an outhouse purchased on vacation in Jackson Hole. Santa’s got to poop, you know!

The route was a little hilly and there were lots of school kids out waiting for their buses. In some ways I dislike running past these groups as I feel like they may be making snarky comments behind my back… But on the other hand, perhaps they don’t see many people doing exercise and maybe it will inspire them to try or at least see that it isn’t a weird thing to do.

3.7 miles. 7:41 pace.

16 Miles of Whoop-ass, Unleashed.

What a week. More interviews early in the week and then I started a very short contracting gig with a local company that want some insight into their development team. Also, my wife had to get in her last long run before doing the Galloway Half in Atlanta next weekend. With all that going on I ended up not running Wednesday through Saturday. Oops.

Yesterday afternoon I heard from one of the companies I’d been talking to that I failed the last interview and I was a little disappointed as they were a very cool place to work. I’ll keep my eyes on them!

I, therefore, decided to try and make up for my laziness and stress with a longer run today. Keeping in mind that I usually run a double half marathon on Boxing Day, so I have to get some miles under my belt in preparation for that.

I went to the northern part of the Perkiomen Trail and ran toward Green Lane park. It was beautiful out today. There were many people out with their kids and dogs, quite a few runners, and some cyclists later on.

Spring Mountain was as challenging as ever although I managed to keep my legs turning over quite evenly going up and over this.

By the end my legs felt like lead and I was glad to be back at the car.

16 miles at 7:48 pace is pretty good though. The climbs came to 666ft which I find quite amusing.


More Run/Walking

We squeezed in our mid-week run walk combo today as I start a short temporary consulting job tomorrow and won’t be available in the afternoon.

After 5.5 hours of interviews today I came home and changed into winter walking gear for a chilly walk along the river. 8.7 miles in 2 hours and 18 mins. We did an interval patterns of 10 mins warmup then 45 seconds running and four mins 15 secs recovery. Rinse and repeat. Literally tonight for there was very cold rain for the duration of the run. 18 intervals before we stopped to finish off with walking. It was a sterling effort by my friend who got a record 10k time and longest distance.

We finished in total darkness; thankfully we had torches.

So. Many. Hills.

I had a little more time available to me today so I headed out on a nine mile run and decided I’d keep it hilly… You know, just for laughs.

Part way through I was wishing that I hadn’t made that decision while climbing another long slog of a hill.

The temperature was perfect today at 49F and I ran in a single shirt and shorts which was enjoyable. I didn’t take any water with me and I ended up regretting this as I was running up (another) long hill directly into the sun; that definitely makes it a lot harder.

MapMyRun says it was only 545ft of climbing over then length of the run but the profile shows that there was very little flat level running.


At some points on the run I was also worried that cars wouldn’t see me as they drove into the sun and I was in their path. They mostly moved in good time but one or two made me flinch a little. I was wearing bright yellow so I should still have stood out against the side of the road.

My shoes reached their half-life today as I received a friendly reminder from mapmyrun.

Tomorrow is yet another round of interviews with a very cool local company. I’m looking forward to it but will meet a lot of the engineering team which is rather daunting. Fingers crossed for a good outcome. They have a lunchtime running group which sounds like fun.

9.1 miles at 7:45 avg pace with all those hills. I’ll take it!