High Winds on Trash Day

A seemingly normal suburban morning run was turned into a steeplechase/assault course this morning by really high winds on the neighbourhood trash collection day.

Initially I would stop to pick up the trash that was blowing around and straighten the bins, but after five of them it was interfering with my run too much. Against my inner instinct I decided I should ignore them and run (this left me feeling guilty each time I passed one).

With all the bins knocked over and rubbish flying around, it was a challenging run; not to mention running into the strong wind felt like going uphill.

I leaped many trash cans (wheelie-bin style) and had to side step others when there were more than one down. I felt like a character in a computer game; donkey kong, I guess?

I also saw a school kid nearly get hit by a car. The bus had stopped in the road for him but didn’t have the lights flashing. The kid walked out across to it and an approaching car stopped within inches of him. I did shout some abuse to the bus driver who I knew had been sitting in the road for sometime; the kid should have looked too, but this whole American approach to having all traffic stop for buses doesn’t teach them the right behaviour.

All that trash collection blew away my time, but four miles was a nice recovery from yesterday’s longer run.

It is seven o’clock and all my family are still asleep which is a very strange occurrence. Enjoying the last five minutes before they start to stir… 🙂


2 thoughts on “High Winds on Trash Day

  1. my26pointtwo

    Sounds like an absolutely rubbish run! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Do you remember the computer game from the mid 80’s Paperboy?


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