Overdressed for 5F

The U.S. is gripped by a cold Arctic blast and we have actual temps in the single digits and real-feels going negative F today.

I made the mistake of overdressing for my run. My wife suggested I count the items that I wore: 13. This doesn’t come close to her record of 26 but was too much for this temperature.

I had:
shorts and a cold weather compression top.
Cold weather leggings plus normal leggings on top.
Ski underwear long sleeve top.
Mauna Kea Hoodie (Mmmm, comfy warm)
Ski socks (up to knees)
Hat (reflective)
Ski Gloves (too much; should have used winter running gloves)

Plus tech: phone in bag, red flashie light on hat and white knuckle light on glove.

I only went three miles but felt my eyelashes starting to freeze up. Weird. By the time I got home I was a sweaty mess as that was just too many layers. I think I could have gone with a lighter weight outer layer rather than the hoodie.

Time was slow due to faffing around with setting up phone and getting gloves on/off, and avoiding ice patches all over the place.

A message to those people that have automatic lawn sprinkler/watering systems: turn them off when there’s snow on your garden and the temps are below zero! They just create layers of ice across the snow and pathways. And it is a waste of water.

Now to get showered and ready for the day. I hope you all have a good one and can stay warm.

2015/01/img_4151.pngProof of the Temperature!


4 thoughts on “Overdressed for 5F

  1. Annie at TheLittleGSP.com

    You WERE wearing a lot of layers! I did 3 miles last night so not quite as cold as you had to deal with this morning but still chilly with a brisk wind! I think I tend to get really hot while running so I had on a lot less, but the one exception would be my hands which always freeze. I wore two pairs of lighter-weight running gloves and that seemed to work well.

    Also… who in their right mind would leave their lawn sprinklers on during the winter?? That’s crazy. The pipes are probably going to freeze and crack this week if they haven’t already!

    1. pauldburton Post author

      I woukd normally wear lihhter gloves but finally, after 18 years, i wore through the ends of my thumbs in my silk liners (originally used for motorcycling, but since used for tunning and cycling).

  2. Chris Adams

    My bike in this morning was surprisingly good. Only problem I had was I developed a gap between the top of my snow goggles and my ninja mask, resulting in a cold spot on my forehead.


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