Early Saturday: Running Freedom

It’s a Saturday and the alarm goes off at 5:30. Either you work in a store OR you are a runner.

After a disturbed night of sleep (my four year old woke up twice for stupid stuff and my brain went off on a mental analysis of the differences between vinyl and CD recording qualities; weird) I sneaked out of bed and downstairs so as not to wake the monsters, and got ready to run.

With a ‘feels like’ temp of around -4 F I had to wrap up warm. I got everything ready and started mapmyrun… As I went down the drive I realised I didn’t hear the ‘start run’ message. So I stopped and restarted the app…then hit the road.

It was cold for the first mile and a half but oh-so beautiful out. There was still a little fresh snow around and very little traffic. In the first six miles I only saw five cars! Was there a zombie apocalypse while I slept?

I ran through one of my favourite places: Evansburg State Park. Plenty of snow on the ground and not a soul to see. I ran some challenging hills and realised that I hadn’t heard anything from my phone app.

Sure enough, when I got home I found MapMyRun hadn’t recorded anything. I think it was due to my phone getting confused as other things on the phone were misbehaving. Since iOS 8 I’ve found that I have to reset my phone once a month…

10.2 miles in about 1:20-1:24, I guess.

I really needed the run today as a mental break. Yesterday, for the first time since I lost my job, I started to feel like I wasn’t making much progress and felt slightly down about it. This run cleared out all those thoughts and banished them away. This is important because I think you have to keep a positive attitude and mustn’t seem stressed out during the recruitment process.

Thanks running.


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