How Many Miles of Mad Are You?

This is the question I thought up while out on my weekly run/walk with my friend. He’s at about 11 miles of mad (walking/running outside). I’m currently at about 22, I guess. A little lazy for me but whose to judge.

At the time of our walk it was mid-20s F with a real-feel of 18F and we’d both been out multiple times during the last week of very chilly weather. It was so cold on some occasions that he even had to run to keep warm… without me even being there. I’m sure that’s another level of running madness achieved. šŸ™‚

Today we went to walk on the Perkiomen Trail at Oaks but found that it was completely iced over in both directions. After scouting around for a mile we decided to bail on that location. Even parts of the Creek were frozen over.

Instead we headed to Valley Forge National Historical Park and went around their 5 mile loop. They often scrape and clear the trail to ensure safety for trail users so there were only a couple of small patches of ice around. Hurrah for that. Very few other people out today though.

We also changed up our interval regime to be one minute running and three mins thirty recovery. The ratio is starting to shift in favour of running.

We managed about 12 intervals before the (surprise) hills from our alternative location took their toll on my friend and we dialed it back to a walk for the remainder. Still this meant we’d done over four miles total with those intervals which is probably a record.

The bitter cold wind was very sore against my face on parts of the trail and I really appreciated the hot shower when I got home. Bliss. I could feel the icicles melting away.

Total for today was 6.6 miles with a pace on the main part of 15:33 avg. During the run we were getting 14:12 intervals… A good improvement.


5 thoughts on “How Many Miles of Mad Are You?

  1. my26pointtwo

    It sounds like you have some great locations available for your runs if not the weather. Some great efforts in there!

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Yes, we are quite lucky around here with trails and i do like living somewhere where we actually get four entirely different seasons (rather than Mother England’s constant drizzle/grey)

  2. WalkToRio

    I’m so glad winter in Seville is kind to us. The coldest it gets is down to the mid 30’s. Summer a different story though.


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