You Did What to Hurt Your Knee?

I know, I know. As runners we all curse the inevitable comments that we get from non-runners about “won’t that break your knees?” And “my knees are too weak for running?”, etc., etc., etc.

Well, this week I hurt my knees and can you guess how I did it? No, you couldn’t possibly. Certainly not from running!

My four year old was on her way out the door to go to preschool and I was holding my eleven month old. I bent down to kiss her goodbye and her Pink Cowgirl hat (I kid you not, but in her defence it was the school hat day) brim knocked me off balance and I stumbled backwards… (Cue dramatic music)

Because of running, my knees and legs are strong so I managed to recover without hitting the deck or dropping the baby, however, I think I tweaked something in my knee as it happened and now my knee hurts when I step up.

Do we let sort of thing that stop us?

Today I took a quick cold run for 6.6 miles at a pedestrian 8:00 pace. I was taking it easy at first and, to be honest, this has been a lazy week where I have barely run at all. The knee held up okay but is a little achy now.

In other news, I believe I may have lured the Caped Crusader (featured in an earlier piece) out into the open. Conversations are in the comments section of that article along with an edit/apology.


2 thoughts on “You Did What to Hurt Your Knee?

  1. ignace_s

    Good luck recovering!
    Accidents can happen fast sometimes, just last week I smashed my little toe against the table… Felt it while running, but we’re stronger than that 😉


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