Running or Ice Skating?

Before I headed out today I checked the forecast. Rain likely and possibly ice rain. That’s never good but I hoped to beat it and headed out quickly, choosing to run from my house rather than lose time heading to a trail.

My knee injury now seems to be fine. As is often the case with these things, it was my calf that was tight and not anything actually wrong with my knee. I guess the muscles got pulled slightly as I fell backwards. Nothing that a foam roller and The Stick cannot remedy.

My halfway point today was the start of a new trail in Worcester Township called Zaccharias Trail. I didn’t get to see much of it (about half a mile) before I hit my turn around point. It is a compacted gravel trail and seems quite pleasant winding through some trees. I’ll check it out when I do a longer long run.

I turned around at five miles and started back up the hills toward home. As I reached the 7.5 mile mark the rain started. Then I noticed that my toes were starting to lose traction as I pushed off with my feet. Bugger. Ice rain.

The last 2.5 miles were treacherous. The road surface became like glass almost immediately and any sidewalks/pavements were even worse. I tried to target grass verges and roadside detritus to ensure I could keep my grip.

I did slip a few times but managed to stay upright. Slopes become a real issue once it is this icy too.

I really had to slow down and change to a foot foot landing to maximize grip. My pace dropped from 7:56/mile to 9:11/mile. At a couple of points I had to try and drop all momentum to keep control.

Overall a fun run, but I could have done without the skating at the end.

10 miles at 8:22 avg pace which I will count as a win given the conditions!


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