Running Tourism: London

Surprise, I’m in London! One of the charities I work with is having a council meeting in London and they brought me over for it. Yay! Perfect timing as I’m still unemployed and it is hard to do things like this when you are woking full time.

I arrived yesterday lunchtime and spent the afternoon pottering around and buying some running socks as I forgot to pack them. Then I met up with my niece and nephew who both live and work in London for what can only be described as a skinful of beer (I believe that is the correct collective noun) at the Princess Louise pub. This is a very nicely restored old style british pub with many different parlours. Five pints and a small glass of wine, and a lot of good quality talk.

After closing out the bar at 11:20 and only having had 3.5 hours sleep over the 40 hours I made a plan for an early morning run.

Sleep. Water. Crisps for sustenance. More water… At five AM my brain woke up thanks to jetlag so I got up and ready to head out.

My hotel overlooks Tavistock Square which is near King’s Cross Station. I had checked on MapMyRun and it looked like a good place to go to was the Southbank of the River Thames which is pedestrianised.

I made sure to learn my route as I have no cell data plan here and then headed out.

At 5:30 London’s air actually doesn’t taste quite so bad as normal. It was a mile run down to the river and I took a couple of photos from the bridge.

2015/01/img_4183.jpgIf you look carefully you should be able to make out the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral on the left of the image.

After all that beer I knew I couldn’t go too far so I chose to run towards the west so that I could go past the Houses of Parliment.

2015/01/img_4185.jpgNot too much to see in the photos at this time of day, but there you go.

There were quite a few runners out and one actually overtook me… He didn’t get away but definitely went past and held the lead. No one was very friendly despite my continued greetings.

I turned around at the three mile mark which was right by Mr. James Bond’s MI6 office, and ran back. Tomorrow I’ll go east along the river.

Six miles with a 7:44 average pace is not too shabby either. Now to get breakfast and lean up for the meeting.


4 thoughts on “Running Tourism: London

  1. Born to Plod

    I’ve heard a few people mention that London runners aren’t as friendly or as happy as elsewhere. I’m sure the nice ones are out there, but they’re a bit diluted by the masses of grumpy arses. Keep trying!

    Not sure if it’s of any interest to you, but a mate of mine does a thingy called “sightrunning” which is basically a guided running tour of laaaaahn-dan (I think that’s how it’s pronounced). If you want a look, it’s:



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