Finally I am back home in the US of A. After all the talk of a big storm it didn’t amount to much and my drive home from the airport was possibly the fastest I’ve ever had. Nobody was on the road. No snow was on the road.

I got a chance to go for a run/walk today with my friend and it was good to get out and about after spending so much time travelling.

We chose a different section of the Perkiomen Trail and heading to the edge of Schwenksville. The path was a mess of different layers of snow; the base was a layer of solid ice which was covered with a two inch layer of light snow, then topped with a crust of crunchy ice. Sounds yummy.

This was hard snow to run in though. You have to lift your legs straight in the new snow to avoid tripping on the crust and any ridges that have formed on the path. The ice patches were slippery as heck and you have to pay particular attention to all the slopes of the ground (both up and down hill are risky).

This lack of traction really slowed us down and we did six miles in 1 hour 35 mins. But we were out there doing our thing. One minute of effort followed by 3:30 recovery.


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