Cold Weather Running: Feels-like vs Actual

So it hit me today while I was out in the bitter cold that heeding weather reports is a good thing but not to panic about the feels-like numbers.

What I’ve found for running is that you need to dress for the actual temperature (body, legs, feet) and that the feels-like only really applies to exposed skin (face, head, hands). The more you can cover, the better.

A neck gaiter, ear warmers, hat and gloves are very useful in these temperatures.

Today it was 15F (-9.4C) with a feels-like of 5F (-15C). I think I overdressed by focusing on the feels-like value.

The run today was a 5k and is the shortest distance I have run in ages. There was a lot of ice around on the pavements/sidewalks, and I had to hurdle the occasional pile of snow. 7:56 pace was slow but being overdressed and with icy surfaces, I’ll take it.

One high point for the run was the chap in a red pickup who gave me a triple honk of the horn and a fist pump cheer as he drove past. Thank you, sir!


4 thoughts on “Cold Weather Running: Feels-like vs Actual

      1. Joey

        F. I worked in running retail and that’s what our apparel person told us to tell customers. Another test is that if you feel warm standing outside before the run starts then you’ve dressed too much

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