The Cold Wind Doth Blow: You Call that Snow?

When I finally headed out of the door this morning, everyone that works had already completed their commutes to the office, so the roads were quiet and clear. This is good because they all seem to have quite large margins that are now an icy/slush mix. There had been a little light snow this morning, but it hadn’t really made much of an impact.

I’ve been feeling a little down lately because of the on-going job hunting, so I decided I’d help myself and go for a nice long run today… and to help even more, I chose to do extra hills.

One thing I’ve found since being back in the US and in my old stamping ground is that it is hard to get motivated to run when there aren’t lots of buildings or new places to look at. To this end, I really needed to just get out and put some rubber down on the pavement.

It was a good run and the return trip to my house was up the One-Mile Hill that runs from Collegeville to Eagleville. One mile. All up hill. Relentless.

By the time I was home all other thoughts had been banished and I was glad to be back and ready to tackle another day of job hunting.

9.24 miles at a 7:51 pace, with 680 ft of climbing and most of that in one climb.


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