Heading West on the Chester Valley Trail

This trail has to be one of Chester county’s best health and fitness investment in years. It is always in use and today was no exception. Bustling!

I took my friend there for our weekly run/walk and started from the Wegman’s in Malvern.

We agreed to up our intervals to 1.5 minutes effort with three minutes recovery, with a ten minute warm up to get across the highway crossing.

I hadn’t realised quite how much of this trail was uphill when I did my marathon on it in December, but from the protestations of my friend, I now realise that is actually uphill for quite a long way… About three miles, in fact.

The trail at this point is a reasonable distance from the 202 and not as noisy as the other end near King of Prussia. Very quickly the trail is off between trees and small housing estates, and is always full of runners and cyclists. The trail is wide enough for all and is always treated and cleared in winter; it is a commuter trail so they keep it immaculate.

This section of the trail is also straight but I have no map data as the MapMyRun app crashed when saving. Doh. It saved the stats though, so that’s the important part.

6.18 miles with 14:46 avg pace is okay. We stopped intervals after about 8 of them, I think. It was quite a large step up for my friend, but he’ll cope with it as he gets used to the change.

IMG_4259I really wanted to correct their grammar. If I’d had a pen with me… Signalized, indeed.


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