It’ll Be Alright Once You’re Out There.

Some mornings it is hard to get yourself out the door. It affects me. It affects my wife. It affects all runners.

Some days you feel cold before you even set foot outside the door. Just looking at the snow outside makes you chilly despite the thermometer stating 32F/0C. It isn’t that cold, but something in your brain doesn’t want you to go out.

You know that you are wearing enough layers but still you put on a neck gaiter and ear warmers. Comfort in the cold.

Then, eventually, you step outside and press ‘start’ on your GPS and just go.

The first mile consists of catching your breath and saying ‘hi’ to neighbours that are thinking you are mad…

Then you find you are taking off the neck gaiter and threading it onto you fuel belt (so cannot lose it) and putting your ear warmers around your biceps.

About mile four you hit your stride. The pace times come down to a better level as your body remembers what it is supposed to do and you relax into the run.

I didn’t have any distance goals today but wanted to explore Evansburg State Park a little more. I took a circuitous route to get there and then ran by the ranger station to pickup a park map.

IMG_4261Good stuff.

Some runners pass by while you are at the noticeboard reading about the risk of black bears, but they are soon picked off as you head still further into the park.

Occasional ice patches and horse droppings are normal hazards here and you just have to keep a little alert as the roads are all closed to traffic or rarely travelled.

Out the other side of the park and time to start thinking about heading home. Trying to find a route that isn’t too similar to the one he brought you out but doesn’t involve too much traffic.

As I arrive home, those same neighbours are coming back from wherever they’ve been. Warm in their cars. I wonder what they think of what I do or if they even notice?

14 miles in 1 hour 52 mins with a pace of 7:59. Not too shabby.

I got lost at one point and had to check which direction to go at a crossroads. Glad I checked as I was going to go the wrong way!

My Brooks Dyad7 shoes are near their four hundred mile mark and I just noticed a slight hole in the top of the shoe. Time for some duct tape to keep my toes dry, I think.

It was a fun route with 814ft of gain. There is so much more of the park to explore. Perhaps that will motivate me to get out the door next week.



2 thoughts on “It’ll Be Alright Once You’re Out There.

  1. Kevin

    You’re right that just getting out the door can be the hard part. But once you’re out there, it feels great. That’s what gets me out of bed – knowing how good I will feel later

    1. pauldburton Post author

      I find it easier if I just get up and go without thinking or chatting to family. But if I get distracted then it becomes harder and harder to get out the door.


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