First Footing: Does it Count If Only a Dusting?

Despite the forecasts of grave ice and snow for Monday/Tueaday we have been given only a light dusting of snow, similar to sugar dust on a Victoria sponge cake (rumble rumble).

I was out early today as there are a lot of things to get done (meeting someone for lunch, careers fair, mentor group meetup). So at 5:45 I hit the streets and did a quick 4 miler, avoiding the deer who seemed to be stalking me throughout the run.

Mapmyrun failed again today. There was a new update available but that shouldn’t make the old version crash. So I’ve guessed my pace as very fast and super strong.

Seems only fair given how early I went out. πŸ™‚
Now to find some cake…


8 thoughts on “First Footing: Does it Count If Only a Dusting?

  1. Annie at

    I hate it when tracking apps/devices don’t work during a run. Sometimes last summer if one app was having trouble getting a signal I’d use two at the same time (MapMyRun & RunKeeper) to ensure that at least one would get accurate stats. Or, if both failed then I’d definitely just say that the pace was fast and strong!

    Do you run with a GPS watch as well? I got a Garmin in November and I have been very happy with its accuracy and the user-friendly online stats and maps.

  2. usabaker

    I got so aggravated with MapMyRun Plus Version, that I just gave up on it now I used iSmoothRun and have it upload my runs and hikes to MapMyRun (lol) — Love your blog.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Interesting. I may give that a try. Generally I find that he problems are few and far between. Most often related to actual phone or requiring the latest version of mapmyrun. Generally they are pretty good about it, but when it fails it is frustrating. One advantage of the mapmyrun app is that I have other sites (health insurance and health points programs) connected to it to earn discounts and awards ($300+ some years), but the points only count if collected through the actual mapmyrun app.


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