Beaten by the Wind

I feel like a lightweight. I gave up on a run early and came home. Most unlike me.

The temperature was 7F with a real-feel of -12F due to crazy gusting winds. The roads had barely been ploughed and I was having to jump into the slush whenever a car came along. Once in the slush, a gust of wind (30-60mph) would knock you off your feet.

So, after cresting a nearby hill and feeling the full brunt of the wind, I turned myself around and went home to scrape the driveway.

I feel like a failure. Well, sort of. I have run in far colder temperatures but the conditions just weren’t safe. Even running in full winter gear with a full face balaclava I didn’t sweat.

IMG_4308-1In other news, I received a job offer from a very local company and will be accepting it next week. More details once it is sign and sealed. Hurrah!

Plus, it was my son’s early first birthday party yesterday with our friends’ two year old. We parents did a great job decorating/doodling on the table covering.



IMG_4299It was nice to have a party with good friends.


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