Run Until Your Butt Freezes

Okay, at least I feel like I’ve made up for my disappointing weekend attempt at running. Today I did get out and do just under 5.5 miles in a temperature that was crazy.

IMG_4314Yes, 2F actual and -15F feel. It was stupidly cold.

My balaclava froze solid. My glasses froze over. My eye lashes froze. I had icicles under my nose and frost inside the seams of my outer layer running jacket. And my butt froze by the time I was home. I also found my stomach was really cold and flushed. Not sure how that happened.

IMG_4315Be careful out there as it is dangerously cold. The roads were clear and frosty and hardly anyone was about. The schools were still opening but all the kids were behind closed doors rather than waiting outside.

This weekend I am home alone with the kids while my wife goes off to sunny Florida to run with Disney Princesses. That’ll be a nice break for her while we’re all shivering away in Philly. Brr. It means that at least I don’t have to feel guilty for not even attempting to set foot outside the door. Hurrah for that. And she will do a good job supporting her friend through her first Half Marathon.


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