Run/Walk At Last

For the first time in a couple of weeks I was able to get out for a run/walk with my friend. We chose to use a commuter trail so that we could be guaranteed that it would be snow and ice free; a rare commodity at this time of year.

We chose the Chester Valley Trail starting at mile 0.0 which is unfortunately by some very busy roads and quite noisy. However, the trail was in excellent condition and by mile 1.5 the traffic noise was greatly reduced as it moved away from the main Rt 202 and has sound baffles.

There were a few people out on the trail and, I have to say, it was nice to have temperatures above freezing; 33F. Toasty!

A major milestone was achieved by my friend this week as he passed the 200lbs lost mark. This is a great achievement especially as we haven’t been able to get out to exercise as much these last few weeks. He had been exercising on his treadmill and doing much longer intervals (7min run/3min recovery) than we employ when running outside. I think he had forgotten quite how much a treadmill assists your running and was expecting it to be easy returning to our 1.5min run/3.0min recovery intervals; when the surface you are running on itsnt moving itself it is quite a lot harder to run. The cold air and variable hills don’t help either…

We will still stick to our slowly building interval progression to minimise any risk of injury and to maximize the strength of his supporting muscles; I don’t want to trigger any knee issues that might stop him running. With strong supporting muscles and a lighter frame his knees should be fine.

Today I get to visit my new employer for the first time to have a pre-start planning meeting with my manager. I offered this up as I set my start date out a month and I wanted them to understand that this wasn’t a reflection of my enthusiasm for the role. I’m looking forward to it.

In other news, I’m spending my pre-work vacation time working on old recordings of my band. They need to be remastered and incorporated into a digital backup schedule so that they don’t get lost over time (original digital master tapes gradually fail).

IMG_4332once they are nice a clean I may upload them to my soundcloud account so you can have a listen.


2 thoughts on “Run/Walk At Last

  1. usabaker

    Glad he has a friend like you, I was overweight, pre-diabetic and had super high cholesterol. My doctor set me down and told me I need to make allot of life changes, I’ve got the best doctor in the word by the way, she help me make a plan. Run/Walk was a big part of the plan and it would have been great if I would have had someone to support me like you are doing for your friend, for the most part I had completely the opposite of that from most people I knew; my daughter in the Army and station in Egypt and my wife were my only real support. Prop’s for helping and motivating your friend. Tell him from a working to get healthy dude, keep up the great work, its life changing!


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