Howdy Strangers!

it has been a while since I posted and many things happened, some of which isn’t suitable for the running blog, so I’ll spare you the heartache. 

From a running front, we decided that we’d had enough of the crappy PA weather and went to the Dominican Republic for a week. 80F most days. Beautiful sun and sand. Ah. Decompression. It was lovely. 

However, I only managed to get out running once for three miles. Lazy, I know, but sometimes you need a break and it was good to spend some quality time with my kids. 

The shirt I didn’t buy… Too cheesy, even for a cyclist like me. 

Now we are back in PA and adjustingto traipsing through snow again. 

Today I went for a run/walk with my friend and did 6.3 miles of the Chester Valley Trail from Malvern. The trail was completely cleared of snow and ice. It also reached a balmy 54F while we were out. Phew! Our average pace was 13:49 for the whole distance but we only ran for 4.5 miles. It was good to be outside though. 

One observation from my travels: what is it with islanders and their obsession with Spam? It was the same in Hawaii. To me it is just a Monty-Python routine…


3 thoughts on “Howdy Strangers!

  1. usabaker

    SPAM seems to be more popular outside North America then in it. In some countries I’ve been to people display it in their homes as if it was a magical meet from America.


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