I Have Conversed with the Spiritual Sun. I Saw Him on Primrose Hill. 

The view atop Primrose Hill in London. One of the few hills in central London and it is right next to Regent’s Park. I had to run through the park to get to the hill. Once you cross Regent’s canal it is only a short distance to the Hill. 

There were many runners and packs of riders out again today. I hope you can make out the many London tourist locations in the photograph. In real life they seemed very clear. 

The quote I’m using as the headline was from William Blake, circa 1800. The view is lovely and isn’t too much of a climb, although I was glad of the photo opp to give me a chance to catch my breath. The quote is carved around the viewing circle at the top of the hill. 

While on the hill I noticed that MapMyRun had failed to start (again) so I restarted it and then tried to run a similar distance back to the hotel. 

Therefore, I’m going to say that I did about 6.5 miles today at a pace of 7:39 ish. Here’s the second half of my route. 

Yesterday’s conference was very good and I feel that I was able to contribute a lot to the meeting. Thanks to the British Computer Society for inviting me out here. 

I met up with an old colleague from Logica last night. It was across the city someway but I chose to walk. This resulted in me clocking 6.5 miles of walking on top of my run yesterday. 

I have some more walking to do today but not quite as far. I like visiting in London. 


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