Travel Running: Nottingham, England. 

I’m making the most of my visit to England and have come up to Nottingham to visit my brother and his family. 

Here’s a picture of me outside his house:

All English people live in houses like this one. 

Okay, I am of course kidding and this is Wollaton Hall (the location used as the home of Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises, apparently). 

The grounds of this house make for a great running route and I did a quick 3.4 miles around the lake and the field. Pace of around 7:37 and I certainly felt fast. 

There were a lot of other runners out and the majority of them did actually respond to my morning greeting. Hurrah!

The red deer here are very different to the White-tailed deer we have in Pennsylvania; far more rugged and seem to have a bit of an attitude. They didn’t like it when I ran close by then when they were taking their morning drinks from the lake. They were hissing at me and sticking their tongues out, mocking or threatening?

The park is a good place to run with no real traffic and plenty of different paths to use. There are a few conservation areas they ask you not to enter but they are clearly posted. It might have been nice to have a map of the entrance and some scattered about the park although I suspect that perhaps I should have just been a little more prepared when it came to route planning; just heading out the door in the general direction of the park may not be the best policy. ;-)

Given my, albeit light, hangover I’m happy that I got out at all. 


3 thoughts on “Travel Running: Nottingham, England. 

  1. runrodrun

    I have never understood the unfriendly runner who refuses to wave back, say “hello”, or at least nod a cursory acknowledgement. One of my pet peeves actually. Admittedly I sometimes find myself calling the unfriendlies some not so flattering names under my breath at being snubbed 😝

  2. usabaker

    beautiful run! thanks for the pictures. You have my hopes up I was going to ask for a introduction to your cousin. ;P I also find it odd when people don’t greet you back on a run. I just think its better I don’t know a sour puss.


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