Back to Work and Early Runs

This is the start of my second day at my new job (which I am enjoying) and that means early run number two is now completed. 

Yesterday I ran 3.7 miles at a 7:30 pace but I don’t believe MapMyRun as it said my first segment was at a 6:22 pace which is close to my track speed!

Today registered at a more likely pace of 8:09 for 4.72 miles. Excellent. 

I’ve registered to join the gym at my company which has showers … Hurrah! No more stall washes with baby wipes. They also run and sponsor some 5k races locally so I’m going to volunteer to help out on those. I wouldn’t run them because ‘people’ (as the common phrase goes these days) but I could certainly help with the organisation. 


7 thoughts on “Back to Work and Early Runs

    1. pauldburton Post author

      There has been a grammatical evolution over the last year where it has become acceptable to describe something as happening “because x” where x is a single word and runs contrary to regular sentence construction. Eg: Mail is dead because Internet; faith had it’s day because science. It is almost like there should be a slight pause and a silent ‘der’ between the ‘because’ and the reason. It has been interesting to see it develop online.


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